Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is a classic book that was written by Mary Shelley in 1818 – it is also sometimes also called “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus”. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein when she was only 18 years old after taking a trip to Germany where she stayed close to Frankenstein Castle. It is said that while visiting the area she heard stories about an alchemist who had done many experiments at the castle and that this was the inspiration for her novel.

Just like Dracula, it is a gothic-style horror story that has captured our imaginations for generations! Download the Frankenstein PDF by clicking the button below.



Frankenstein PDF Book Cover

Title: Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelley

Published: 1818

Pages: 176

Format: A4 PDF

Release Date: October 1993

Copyright Status: Public Domain In The USA

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