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The Frog Prince is a timeless fairy tale that has been a favorite for generations! It was written by the Brothers Grimm and was first published in 1812. This Frog Prince PDF book is taken from a collection of classic fairy tales and folklore called “Household Stories” which was compiled by the Grimm Brothers as a way to preserve the rich oral tradition of Germanic folklore.

The Frog Prince tells the story of a young princess who meets a talking frog while playing outside near a well. When the princess accidentally drops her golden ball into the well the Frog offers to fetch it for her. In return, he asks for her friendship. Although initially repulsed by the idea of being friends with a frog, the princess eventually forms a bond with him ultimately leading to a happy ending it will love!

The Frog Prince is a magical fairy tale that explores themes of the power of friendship and trust and it teaches us to look beyond outward appearances and see the true nature of others.

The Frog Prince


The Frog Prince PDF by the Brothers Grimm

Title: The Frog Prince

Author: Brothers Grimm

Published: 1812

Pages: 5

Format: A4 PDF

Release Date: 17 August 2006

Copyright Status: Public Domain In The USA

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