The Snow Queen – Hans Christian Andersen

If you are looking for a fairy tale full of adventure then The Snow Queen could be exactly what you are looking for! Written by Hans Christian Andersen and published all the way back in 1844, the story follows the journey of a young girl named Gerda, who is on a quest to save her friend Kay from the mysterious Snow Queen.

As Gerda travels she meets colorful characters and unravels the secrets of the Snow Queens’ icy kingdom.

The Snow Queen is a wonderful story about courage, love, friendship, and loyalty. Gerda’s unwavering spirit, determination, and hope will inspire you as you join her on her journey to save Kay. Download this wonderful bedtime story right here either in PDF format or you can read it online if you prefer!

The Snow Queen


The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson: PDF Book Download

Title: The Snow Queen

Author: Hans Christian Andersen

Published: 1844

Pages: 54

Format: A4 PDF

Release Date: 1 January 1999

Copyright Status: Public Domain In The USA

Read The Snow Queen Online

Read The Snow Queen online right here! Depending on the internet connection speed you have, it might take a little while for the file to load. Once loaded, you can click “Presentation Mode” in the viewer below to read full-screen.

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