The Story Of Miss Moppet – Beatrix Potter

The Story of Miss Moppet is another very short story that was written by Beatrix Potter. It was published in 1906 and, as with Beatrix Potter’s other books, she illustrated it herself.

Just like The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit, this very cute Beatrix Potter story is a quick, short bedtime story that was written for toddlers and very small children and it teaches a valuable lesson about teasing. Download The Story of Miss Moppet PDF here to share with your little ones.

The Story Of Miss Moppet Book Cover

Title: The Story Of Miss Moppet

Author: Beatrix Potter

Published: 1906

Pages: 15

Format: A5 PDF

Release Date: 31 January 2005

Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA

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The Story Of Miss Moppet – Narration

The Story Of Miss Moppet Summary

The Story Of Miss Moppet begins with us being introduced to a kitten called Miss Moppet. The thinks she has heard a mouse in her house. There is a mouse! And he is peeping out from behind a cupboard making fun of Miss Moppet. He isn’t scared of her at all.

Miss Moppet Jumps for the mouse but misses. Instead, she hits her own head on the very hard cupboard. While the mouse watches from the top of the cupboard, Miss Moppet ties her head up with a duster and sits by the fire. The curious mouse thinks Miss Moppet is ill so he comes closer to investigate.

Just then, Miss Moppet jumps onto the mouse and catches him! And because the mouse teased her, she decides to tease him. She ties him up in the duster and throws him in the air like a ball. She however forgets that there is a hole in the duster and the mouse manages to escape. He is free once more and dancing on top of the cupboard!


The Story Of Miss Moffet is another beautifully illustrated Beatrix Potter book that is the perfect bedtime story for small children and toddlers. Download a copy of The Story Of Miss Moppet and The Story Of A Fierce Bad Rabbit to share with your young children at bedtime.

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