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The Tale Of Mr. Tod is one of Beatrix Potter’s longer children’s stories and features both Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. Both Peter and Benjamin are all grown up and Benjamin has a family of his own. The Tale of Mr. Tod follows along as Peter and Benjamin courageously try to rescue Benjamin’s children from a badger by the name of Tommy Brock. Download The Tale Of Mr. Tod to see what happens!

The Tale Of Mr. Tod Book Cover

Title: The Tale Of Mr. Tod

Author: Beatrix Potter

Published: 1912

Pages: 47

Format: A4 PDF

Release Date: 14 November 2006

Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA

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The World Of Peter Rabbit & Friends – The Tale Of Mr. Tod

The World Of Peter Rabbit & Friends is an animated series that is dedicated to the wonderful children’s stories that Beatrix Potter wrote. This episode features The Tale Of Mr. Tod.

The Tale Of Mr. Tod Summary

The Tale Of Mr. Tod begins with Beatrix Potter introducing us to Mr. Tod, a fox that none of the other animals like very much. Mr. Tod has homes in many different places and he moves around a lot. We are also introduced to Tommy Brock, a badger who takes advantage of Mr. Tod by staying at his different homes when he isn’t there.

One day Tommy Brock visits Mr. Bouncer, Benjamin Bunny’s father. On this particular day Benjamin Bunny and his wife flopsy, have gone out and they have left their babies with Mr. Bouncer to take of. Tommy Brock and old Mr. Bouncer have a wonderful time smoking a rabbit-tobacco pipe. But Mr. Bouncer falls asleep and when Benjamin and Flopsy return they realize that Tommy has kidnapped their children!

Benjamin chases after Tommy Brock and soon runs into Peter Rabbit. He tells Peter what happened and they follow Tommy Brock hoping to rescue the baby rabbits. They soon find out that Tommy Brock has invaded one of Mr. Tod’s homes and he is keeping the baby rabbits in Mr. Tod’s oven. Luckily Tommy falls asleep in Mr. Tod’s bed so the baby rabbits are alive and safe in the oven. Peter and Benjamin can’t get into the house so they decide to dig a tunnel underneath the house into the kitchen.

As they are digging, Mr. Tod comes home and finds Tommy Brock sleeping in his bed. He doesn’t want to wake him because he is scared of the badger’s teeth. He decides to rather play a trick on him hoping to drench him with water when he wakes up. Tommy however is awake and sees what Mr. Tod is doing. Before Mr. Tod is able to drench him with water, Tommy gets out of bed and goes to make tea for himself in the kitchen. When Mr. Tod realizes that Tommy has tricked him he is very angry and the two of them get into a huge fight!

In the meantime, Peter and Benjamin quickly grab the sack that the baby bunnies are in and run away home. When they get home they are greeted by a very relieved Flopsy and the family celebrates the return of the baby rabbits!


The Tale of Mr. Tod is one of Beatrix Potter’s longer stories that follows her previous book, The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes. And don’t forget to check out the final book in our Beatrix Potter collection: The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse.

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